Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So! While Project Honeycomb looks like a frontrunner in viability for this contest entry, I thought I'd give a little love to Project Chestnut and Project Buckeye; Buckeye especially utilizes a dartboard, an odd inspiration for a playspace, much less a solo heady-type game.
Some notes.

Project Chestnut

- 8x8 board, 63 possible spaces (duh).
- 4 starting "stems", randomly selected out of 8 possible stems?
- Number all tiles evenly 1-8 so that you can pull tiles to "roll" a d8 in order to determine coordinates for new shoots?
Back and Front of Leaf Tile for Project Chestnut

- (Rounded) Diamonds or Squares? I kind of like the idea of the chessboard being turned on its point, so that all the pieces are diamonds instead of squares.  I can't explain why, but it feels to me like they're more organic, even if they're just the same shape from a different angle.

Project Buckeye

- So Project Buckeye can't easily utilize the rotating piece timer I have going for Projects Blackberry, Chestnut, and Honeycomb.  The "tiles" don't seem like they'll really work at all, on the board itself.
- Cubes on the board?
- What do I always like better than cubes - Tiny Dice?!
- Cards for the effects, perhaps a red deck and a green deck, and red and green dice to show how each leaf ages? Yellow or white dice for flowers?

I'll try and get working prototypes up next.  Things I want to integrate; The List of Phases, Aphids, and the Ladybug.

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