Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Ludicrosities

Been a while since I wrote here, eh? My time has been squeezed extra tight of late.  I've got an overabundance of theatre projects going right now, and I may finally have bitten off more than I can chew.
Not that I think anyone actually reads this one of my blogs anyhow.  No worries! Today I just have some scattered thoughts about game design that I thought I'd write down.
- Design a game with a lazy susan, where the tableau in the middle has cards/options accessible only to the player(s) closest to the side.
- A variant of chess that takes place on a dartboard and is a race to the center, where any pawn that can make it to the bullseye is the winner.  No king, two queens, and the pawn line is behind the noble line.
- Design a red v black pokercard boardgame.  Stacks of cards as warbands, Spades and Hearts are attackers, Clubs and Diamonds are healers.  Face cards are different kinds of special commander - Kings can be placed on any existing band, regardless of position, Queens increase movement, Jacks provide ranged attack.  Every turn place one card, move one band.  6x6 grid.
- Lu Do: A macrogame wherein the police outlaw game after game, so you have to move from mini-game to mini-game in your quest to amass the most victory points.  There are certain items that bend certain kinds of rules or give benefits to your play in certain games; but playing too well gets your game noticed by the police more quickly.  You can switch back and forth between games to let the pressure on a given game die down, but eventually all the games will be outlawed, and the victory points will be counted up.

That's good for now.  Nice to get the design gears turning again.

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