Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Birch, More Crown

The Birch Crown continues apace.  I know this is premature, but I've also knocked together an expansion.
An expansion?! you gasp, mouth agape and eyes agog, the veins standing livid in your forehead and your arms as your knuckles whiten on the table's edge, which groans within your grip.  Before you've even come close to middling, much less finishing, the "base game"?!
Let me cut you off before you can draw in a huge breath and shout "Blasphemy!" in my face.  The Birch Crown, as it stands, is already modular, and there's no reason suits can't be dropped into the mix, a la Daniel Solis' Trickster series.  But for POD purposes, I want to limit it to seven suits, so that you can have a pleasing 7-symmetry, and also so that the whole thing fits in all standard 54-card measurements (in terms of card sheets, box size, etc), with room for rules and title/cover.  I've had some other ideas for suits, and a few twists on rules, so yes, I'm working on an expansion.  When this is ready for production, I may just go with the most-tested, most-compatible seven suits, and continue working on the other suits to see what makes the cut for the expansion.
Oh, and once again:
Cards Against Humanity, Tides of Time, Chronicle, Trickster, The Decktet, The Draugr.  What an odd, odd mix of influences.

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