Monday, February 17, 2014

A Quick Game (or Two) of Four Thematic Poker Suits

As promised, I am come out of hiding.  And today, so soon after my last post (the wonderfully poorly-received Sweet Game), I have yet another complete(ish but largely untested) fast little game design for you!
Here's For King and Country, a game to be played between two players, using the standard 52-card poker deck.  I designed it for the Dice Hate Me Loves Cards contest, not realizing that they were looking for games that used custom decks.  As my game used existing 52-card decks, it was not an eligible entry.
I'm still pleased by the game, however.  It's a quick, rough thing, but I like the 'spread' mechanic, and it's also an homage of sort to Sid Sackson, and some of my other favourite designers.
Anyhow, if anyone's interested, the game can be found here.  It includes the rules and scoring for For King and Country, and also for the 2+ player variant, For Love or Money.

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