Thursday, August 8, 2013

Of Prototypes, Very Nearly Made

I continue to work on the Cultivate Project.  I have two prototypes very nearly made; depending on how the rest of the afternoon goes, I might have Projects Blackberry and Chestnut completely printed out.
My trouble is that I've never really been a PnPer.  I've never gotten into the craft side of things.  I'm much more a doodler.  And this project, with its current mechanics, has components and rotation, and physical play; it's fiddly, in short.  I do think I have a good game on my hands though.
Trouble is, I have no way to find out until I print and cut the damn things out.
Hell, I think the main reason I drafted up the Chestnut prototype was to put off building the Blackberry one.
Well... Onwards, anyhow.

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