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The Plan Prototype A

The Plan

Version 0.0.1 - Prototype A

Real power lies in the hands of those who choose to make something of themselves.  As a Player in The Plan, you are one of those ambitious persons of interest who has the gumption to make her or his mark on history.  Carefully cultivate Influence and back the right Proposals as you work your way up in the local political scene, first as an up-and-coming member of a Board, then as a mover and shaker of a Department, and finally as a civic leader on a Commission.
Since this is the public office, your Resume is everything.  Choose when to cooperate with your fellow Players, strive to achieve different distinctions and levels of recognition, but be ready to turn on your former allies as need be.  You can get ahead with help from the Criminally Organized, but be wary as your shady dealings could come back to haunt you.  The road to political success is a steep and winding one, but with perseverance, friends in the right places, and a little luck, you can make it in this town.


The Plan is a fast-playing game of cards, dice, and politic maneuvering.  Work with and against your fellow players (2-6 players) over the course of the three phases of the game, shaping the City and promoting your agenda.  Each phase has a separate deck of Influence and Proposal cards; Proposals set the stakes, and Influence cards are played to sway the vote towards the result, or results, that most benefit you.  At the end of the final phase, points are tallied, resumes are compared, and one player will be crowned the victor, and will be remembered forever as a maker of history.


Influence decks for the Board, Department, and Commission phases.
Proposal decks for the Board, Department, and Commission phases.
18 Board cards
12 Department cards
6 Commission cards
6 Player Resume Mats
12 Tie Breaker tokens
3 green Proposal dice
3 green Proposal markers
3 yellow Proposal markers
The Playing Mat
24 red Corruption dice
18 blue Conviction dice
18 purple Cooperation dice


While you're ultimately looking out for #1, your loyalty to your Boards, Departments, and Commission is rewarded in the form of Conviction.  Conviction measures how well you represent the interests you claim to promote, and the success you bring to your committees.  Conviction is tracked on your Resume with blue dice.


The public eye looks favourably upon those who work across the aisle, and collaborate for their greater good.  It doesn't matter what you really feel about your fellow Players; what matters is that you will be rewarded for maintaining a public image of good sportsmanship, with Cooperation.  Cooperation is tracked on your Resume with purple dice.


It's tough to make it without friends in high places... or low.  The Criminally Organized can set you up, and help swing some key votes in your direction.  The temptation to lean on support from the Criminally Organized can be difficult to resist, but it's hard to keep secrets when your life is the object of public scrutiny.  Your shady dealings can become a liability, in the form of Corruption.  Corruption is tracked on your resume with red dice.


The game plays out in three phases: Board, Department, and Commission.  Each phase, Players will see [six] votes come and go, in the form of Proposal cards drawn from that phase's Proposals deck.  Each Player will try to place their Committee cards (thee three Board cards dealt to each player, the two Department, and the one Commission card) on specific initiatives, which they will try and have passed.  Having your initiative passed rewards you with more Influence, and possibly Conviction.
While your Board cards are chosen at the start of the game by drafting, the way you play determines what Departments you can head up, and then what Commission you will lead.  Advance your Cooperation score by backing the same initiatives as other Players, advance your Conviction score by backing initiatives that align with your Committee cards, and keep your Corruption score as low as you can while staying competitive; later on in the game, there are Influence cards that can really hurt you if you've relied too heavily on those Criminally Organized cards,
After all 18 votes have been completed, the game is over.  Determine victory points, and the Player whose Resume ends up being strongest will become the new City Manager!

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