Friday, May 3, 2013

More on The Plan

So I've been thinking about my earlier seed of a thought for The Plan, and reading this fascinating document, and remembering some of my favourite moments of (of all things) Parks and Rec.  Some factors I would like to include in the game: Favors from Organized Crime that equate to basic, quiet bonuses, but count as a Mark Against in your record; A separate track for each player balancing public approval and personal funds to keep you in perpetual election or re-election; A cool design challenge might be to use chess pieces on my board; the projects you work on that reach completion have a lasting influence on the City; A tableau you build of "your track record" that is useful for tracking your victories/achievements (and therefore makes a good point tracker), but also acts as a resume for certain jobs - ergo, you are rewarded phase-to-phase not only for your victory points, but how you earned them; the possibility of multiple players being in the same division for a phase, and being forced to work together for that phase; a "Head of Division" marker for each phase, whether or not multiple players are in the same division; a mechanism for making a move half-way through your phase, with corresponding Marks Against going into your tableau; Press Investigations that you can launch into your opponent's pasts (going back a number of phases = strength of investigation) or that can be triggered against all players...
Hmmm.  Yes.  Game Design is cool, a game takes way less individual writing (though much, much more proofing and editing) than regular fiction.  Popcorning ideas is fun without the depressing sensation that your awesome idea will be too difficult to execute.  Also, I get to indulge my ADD love of learning.  Off to read more about the Chicago Plan.

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